creative marketing




A two-phase strategic planning process: for new brands looking to launch with a firm foundation and legacy brands looking to define and refresh. 

+ logo design
+ brand building
+ brand audit
+ brand guide
+ identify ideal customers
+ develop tactics 
+ forecast trends
+ marketing roadmap



Content to continually support a point-of-view. 

I have 13 years of experience creating content for social platforms. All efforts are guided by a tried-and-true content planning document. Every plan includes monthly reports and bi-yearly analysis.

VISUALS  Images are what a user remembers most about a brand, so it is a necessity that your visual output is compelling whether you’re creating a lookbook, a display ad, a social post, a promo video or a poster. I can help you create graphics and photos that will resonate with your target audience.
WEB DEV I have built dozens of websites for clients and have project managed the builds of many more. I am most experienced with WordPress, Squarespace and Cargo Collective. 

COPYWRITING Well-crafted messaging and good editing are marketing essentials. I can help you craft, curate or cleanup your writing for web and print. As a journalist turned marketer, I have experience with long and short form storytelling, taglines, website copy, press releases and social captions. 



Facilitating the flow from you to your ideal customers.

Blanket posting across platforms is one of the biggest and most common mistakes brands make. I package channel-specific visuals and copy and pinpoint the right time to release content created for a specific action in mind. 

Organic reach is always the focus but with the depth of keyword and demographic targeting, it is now possible to minutely target and track every action a client’s digital ads efforts. I can build dynamic campaigns for any budget and will constantly optimize ads to reach new and niche audiences.   
ENGAGEMENT If you are producing and disseminating content without having conversations and building affinity with individuals and complementary brands, you’re missing a huge opporunities. An engagement plan details a concrete strategy for flagging opportunities and taking action.

Directly addressing your customer base via well designed emails with actionable content increases brand loyalty and drives sales. I have found carefully crafted email delivery schedules, extraordinary content and a thoughtful approach can convert users to customers.


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