This wellness guide and interior designer had been studying her craft for years and getting work via referrals but hadn’t established a brand of any kind yet. It was super exciting for me to pick her brain, discover her take on this unique niche and begin designing a visual identity that would stand out in this rapidly expanding market. What we ended up with was a cool, modern take on the mystical with a vibrant, offbeat color palette and visuals that reimagined age-old symbols. To boost business, I’ve created a multi-platform marketing strategy including: email, PR, social content + engagement, events, paid media and IRL. Click here to visit her site. 

RITUAL RIGHTS Jheny Cubero is a doula studying to become a certified nurse midwife. For her website and logo, we wanted to make sure that her personality was reflected. Her clients would be hiring her for such an intimate moment of their lives and we wanted to make sure they had a feeling of who Jheny is right out of the gate. That meant ditching the standard pink hues and flowers of most birth brands and choosing instead a nude palette accented with shades of unusual blues and imagery that is fresh, minimal and promotes calmness and trust. Click here to visit her site.

HOW SWEET IT WAS VINTAGE When I began working with this vintage retailer, they had multiple logos and a long legacy but hadn’t firmly established any design rules. I asked them a series of questions to determine what their sensibilities were and plucked out the elements of the shop and branding that resonated with their vision and would appeal to their audience. With an aesthetic and tonal foundation in place, I created a digital strategy and began rolling out content via social channels, established a bi-weekly newsletter to engage brand devotees and launched paid media.

LA CURIE Lesli Wood of La Curie approached me to create dynamic content that would elevate her brand. While she had a distinct vision in mind, we needed to refine her brand image, establish a design language that would communicate her point-of-view and establish a schedule that would ensure she could reach more users. I created videos, images and copy that reflected her unique approach to fragrance, drove users to her e-commerce site via email campaigns and social ads and sought out complementary influencers to boost LA CURIE’s reach.  


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