I’m offering a selection of packages and specials right now. I am also happy to build a custom plan or tackle a specific task for you if your needs match my skills, sensibility and availability. Scroll down to get a quote for your project.  

AUDIT SPECIAL For the second half of 2021, I’m helping new clients get on track. The AUDIT SPECIAL involves me assessing your current branding choices, content and tactics and analytics and delivering a report with recommendations and opportunities. I will also deliver two graphics for your perpetual use. 
COST: $600
C+E PLAN I develop a strategic content spreadsheet, create content (social + email), manage publishing, manage digital ads and deliver a monthly analytics and a monthly recommendations and opportunities reports.
COST: $700 - $1800 per month

VISUAL COMMISSION I create one-off illustrations, either for your business or for personal use. These can be used in perpetuity without stated credit. RATE: $110 / hour

Whether you are establishing a new business or in need of a rebrand, I can help you define your identity, tone and aesthetic. This includes developing your value statement, brand voice, color palette, logo, mark, font, iconography and marketing materials.
COST: $1800 - $2400 

LAUNCH PACKAGE Everything included with the BRANDING ESSENTIALS package plus design and development of a website.
COST: $3500 - $6000

THE ROADMAP I will review your existing assets and methods, conduct a thorough market study, forecast trends in your vertical, identify target audiences and ways to reach them, analyze metrics and plot tactics to create a robust strategic 12-month marketing plan, including social and email templates.  
COST: $1500 - $2100

I am currently available for creative direction in the NYC area. I am also available to produce shoots (crew selection, budgets, rate negotiation, location scouting, etc.).

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